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Using Garcinia Cambogia As Food Seasonings

garcinia-seasoningsWhile not everyone knows about this cypress plant, the fruit and the plant are more known among elders who like to cook, especially in the Malay community. The name of the fruit is widely known as Garcinia Cambogia. In Asia itself, the fruit is commonly called Gelugur Acid. Through its unique shape, which is similar to mini pumpkins, this fruit is fallen within the mangosteen family. The plant which is originated from India is co-known as pieces acid after the fruit is dried. The color of the fruit is green and golden yellow when it is old.

If the fruit is still green, it will taste like acid chelates in addition to sour. The Malays used to call this as gelugur acid or wood chips. In English, it is also called Gandarusa. In addition, on Indonesian country, the core of gelugur acid is also widely grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines and India.

Gelugur tamarind tree can grow and reach a height of 20 meters. The trunk has a smooth gray bark and branches dangle into the ground. Gelugur tamarind tree leaves appear in shiny dark green with red flowers attached.

The tree which belongs to the family of Guttiferea has received wide attention recently. The fruit that has been boiled is said to be able to be used as a food to reduce weight.

To take the advantage of this gelugur fruit, it can be thinly sliced ​​and then dried under the sun to dry. Gelugur acid is widely used in the cuisines of Sumatra, and it gives a sour taste as if we use tamarind water.

Food Seasonings

Its leaves and its flowers taste fatty, slightly sour and bitter sweet. The fruit? Of course, tastes very sour! However, despite its sour taste, tamarind has many health benefits. The fruit is said to contain citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, which acts as an anti-bacterial, hydroxycitric acids, flavonoids, fiber, vitamin botanical amine, and minerals.

If the pieces of fruit are dried under the sun, the color will change to brown as sold in the market. Drying process takes almost a week to 12 days to get the quality dried tamarind. With that being said, there were women who are drinking acidic water, reducing their weight.

Tamarind fruit which has been old can be sliced ​​and used in cooking. Tamarind can also be boiled in sugar and eaten as pickles.

Apparently, the tamarind or Garcinia cambogia (botanical name) offers many benefits both in treetop treatment as well as food flavoring. Normally, it is used in Indonesia on culinary menus that made from fish.

Tamarind is being sold in leading supermarkets and traditional markets. How to use it? Just slice the tamarind thinly, and add 2-4 pieces of it inside your ingredients. Tamarind, also called Malabar Tamarind and Brindle Berry, is now widely used for weight loss products in Europe. In ancient Indian medicine (Ayurveda), the use of tamarind is also a utilized to address the illness caused by worms, parasites, and tumors.

The Ability to Reduce Fat

Why tamarind is so nutritious? The answer is, tamarind fruit contains an ingredient called hydroxycitric acid or HCA, which had been a study of the food science. Evidently, tamarind can help to curb appetite and speed up the decomposition of body fat in humans and animals. HCA acts by blocking sugars and carbohydrates turn into fat. This means, HCA is believed to be helping inhibit fat production. Recent findings are obtained through an increase in the level of certain chemicals in the brain such as serotonin, which has a function in regulating appetite. HCA is also said to reduce appetite. The extract of garcinia cambogia is greatly produced by many health manufacturers and sold it to the market.

A decoction of tamarind pods can also be used to treat rheumatism and stomach problems. In addition, the fruit can reduce high blood pressure. In the past, a boiling water of tamarind leaves and roots is used to treat cure earache. Tamarind fruit is also said to relieve the pain of the gums.

In addition to the above properties, tamarind also has other benefits, such as:

By consuming the leaves, flowers or fruit of tamarind, it will reduce high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Its fruit, flower, and bud are very useful as an antioxidant. For those who are diligent to consume these, this will help them to stay younger. Tamarind can also be made into juice and can help reduce the cholesterol in the body.

My Thoughts On Suffering From Muscle Fatigue?

Muscle FatigueI may have the answer for you….

To define what muscle fatigue is – I would say that you reach the point during an exhaustive, all-out exercise routine. It is at a this point that lactic acid builds up in the blood stream a whole lot faster than your body can remove it. There is a study that implies that Lactic acid may be behind that burning sensation you get during vigorous exercise.

More than often muscle soreness is because of how long your exercise routine is, and depends on the exercises you do. There is a school of thought that stretching before or after could help. An interesting study by Australian researchers published in 2007 found that stretching is not effective when trying to avoid muscle soreness.

So what now? Is there a magic potion? Does anything work when trying to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness? The answer is that there is no proven remedy; I have read that using a foam roller on the body after your routine has helped many. The best ever I read on this is a hard bike ride had work marvels for some individuals.

Eat Your Way To Health While You Are In Training!

Feeling the need for a Fat Fix? 

  1. To help curb your fat cravings, eat every three hours, and choose well.
  2. Munch on lean protein and fiber-rich foods, these can be found in lean meat & vegetables.
  3. These foods will keep you feeling full – you are then less likely to hog out.
  4. When losing weight fat cells tend to shrink, but don’t disappear.
  5. To outwit your fat cells, try to follow a healthy, well balanced diet made up of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, including whole grains.
  6. Do cardio exercises and strength training regularly.

Do not eat anything you do not recognize especially if it is covered in cheese.

Stuck In A Food Rut?

Stuck In A Food RutSo it is 19 days into the New Year, and you find yourself stuck in a food rut it can be quite difficult to think out of the box and start creating new and exciting salad to improve you health. This past holiday season has taken its toll, on many of us.  It is time to move on and shape up. What we all need is to liven up our salads our basic need is to satisfy both our taste buds and meet the bodies nutritional. There are amazing vegetables that you can purchase from your greengrocer or local supermarket that need to make the list when you shop for food.

Garlic Bread Recipe

It’s amazing how we have adjusted to Italian cuisine. There is nothing that complements a salad, picnic or BBQ than a basket of garlic bread on the table. Just a simple mixture of butter, garlic, parsley with the addition of salt is spread on bread Italian or French. You then bake the bread until all crispy and toasted. I like to add the addition of a few pinches of dried flakes chili. Delicious!

Garlic Bread Recipe

In need of a shot of energy?

Make sure that you have fruit with you in the office and at home. Both fresh bananas and apples are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. These small fruit snacks are great at all times when you feel your energy being drained out of you and you need that lift like a little energy boost. These fruits give you a fresh shot of energy on the spot.


Fruit Energy!

fruit-energyWhen you start dragging your feet and the day seems to never be coming to an end, do not reach for the candy or the bag of crisps, and reach for a fruit.  The vitamins, minerals with you a boost and the good carbs, release quick energy. Choose any fruit such as bananas, apples, and oranges as these are easy to take along with you since they do not need be refrigerated.

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves in Chili

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves in ChiliThis Indonesian Chinese stir-fry has an amazing flavor. This dish is a delicious and spicy vegetable stir fry. I found the leaved a lot more crisp that spinach, but I simply loved it, with the garlic and the chili combines was mouth watering. I omitted the scrip past as it is not easy to come by in South Africa.  Enjoy!

Purple Foods – Eat Them

purple foodsThere is nutritional power of purple foods.

Prevent premature aging by consuming more purple foods. The colour, a pigment in is called anthocyanin, a powerful and protective antioxidant which can help improve memory and assist with healthy aging. It is a known by many that purple foods protect your heart. The purple vegetables and fruits are packed with flavonoids that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system and can lower your risk of heart disease. Purple vegetables include eggplant, purple cabbage, purple peppers, purple potatoes and purple onions. Purple fruits include grapes, plums, figs, raisins, prunes and blackberries. Purple plants, such as lavender and purple basil provide powerful nutritional benefits of high doses of vitamin A.