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My Thoughts On Suffering From Muscle Fatigue?

Muscle FatigueI may have the answer for you….

To define what muscle fatigue is – I would say that you reach the point during an exhaustive, all-out exercise routine. It is at a this point that lactic acid builds up in the blood stream a whole lot faster than your body can remove it. There is a study that implies that Lactic acid may be behind that burning sensation you get during vigorous exercise.

More than often muscle soreness is because of how long your exercise routine is, and depends on the exercises you do. There is a school of thought that stretching before or after could help. An interesting study by Australian researchers published in 2007 found that stretching is not effective when trying to avoid muscle soreness.

So what now? Is there a magic potion? Does anything work when trying to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness? The answer is that there is no proven remedy; I have read that using a foam roller on the body after your routine has helped many. The best ever I read on this is a hard bike ride had work marvels for some individuals.



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